Where have all the Jobs Gone 

Once upon a time a high school diploma would get you a job , at least after beating the sidewalks for a month or so . Then it became a market  where you needed a degree and search the employment centre and streets for six months to a year to acquire a job not likely in your field nor in an hourly wage you could live on. Now a masters or a couple of degrees , (and a huge student loan in tow) if you’re born under a lucky star ,you may get a job in a year or two and it may actually be in one of your academic areas . However , by predictability rules one may end up taking any job in the minimum wage bracket since employers require years of experience as well as a university degree. Along with progress for the rich went higher interest rates on student loans from banks and bye bye to the days of government bursaries to poorly funded students.

All these great government policies , schemes , take backs , technology growth seem to have put employees back in the dark age , no matter how many hundreds of computers glitter in corporate big risers 

The biggest reason for this trend has been the elitist currency holders and the government planners who at first started hiring efficiency experts . These experts who were highly paid to figure out the least number of workers needed to accomplish the most amount of work humanly possible in a day. More and more geniuses came up with systems of technical components that would be able to do the work of all the people laid off . Sometimes we call this industrial accomplishment or progress ; but progress for the rich elitists and government ideals or for the unemployed and underpaid . One of the best magical tricks was the labor board and government policy of full time/part time hiring . This ensured no benefits such as health care or over time wages only went to regular full time employees. However with prolific corporate earnings and government greed the idea of hiring regular full time employees would become an almost alien phrase .

This policy of only hiring full time / part time workers is the name of the game in CA for sure ; other countries including CA have another little scheme . This is known as exporting jobs to other lower paid countries. Then just to put our graduates at an even worse situation government paid positions like councillors , teachers , nurses , Drs and social workers are unable to be hired as government budgets are always being cut . This may sound cynical but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of watch dog for the elite or government. In short I have to wonder whom progress and monetary assets benefit ? I guess the lower to middle classes have been the ones who are economically regressing. Things are always changing but it would seem more fitting when progress was thought to be for the greater good of all.



Bob the Man has come penniless from working such places as The White Stallion , a speakeasy place in New York . His pay consisted of what customers put in the entertainer’s hats , they often wore big hats lol . Dylan sang because he had a dieing heartfelt need to ; and not for riches. His songwriting from day one was to write songs of images somewhat poetic  but always of substance. He has only ever had 1 false note which he changed to the snow was KEEN in his famous song of a monstrous dream of war ; as real as it could be ( my father was a WW  ll wounded verteran fr front lines ). Unfortunately I forget the title but those who follow his repertoire will know.

It is only a genius songwriter with an iconic voice and a mind of his own following that can reach the accolades , awards galore ,including the biggest honour, one can achieve “The Pulitzer Prize ” ( long over due ) for changing songwriting into a breakout form of Literature . This is what makes a man a man in music or whatever, to follow your own mind ; be nobodies puppet . This Bob more than achieved throuout four decades ! Yes he is the man but not to write that lightly for he has worked harder and longer hours than most . He has undoubtedly made sacrifices and had ghosts follow him from his past. He is only human and sometimes those crosses were heavy, I am sure ! But after all is said and done the only thing to do was crawl out of that big black hole , to steal a line from one of his songs . He is from God ‘s chosen ones ; but I know he’d reject any title . He is a very humble person who expects the same privacy most of us do . Let us all at least (Media) give him that, he has given the world his gift , at a price I am sure !!

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I can’t help myself – when I go to record stores, sooner or later I find myself in the Bob Dylan section. Seems reasonable, but I’m usually trying to spot if they have one of my least favorite albums of his: Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits. Problem is, I already own it. Three times. If they have a copy, I quickly open its dusty side pocket to see if I’m bringing another one home with me. I can’t help myself.

In 1967, when Columbia Records released the album each copy was accompanied by a beautiful poster designed by Milton Glaser. It’s rare to see one still slipped inside an old copy, but when it happens I bring it home. I really love this poster and have looked at it a lot. Two full sized copies are framed in my living room, next to each other. When people come over…

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