Bob the Man has come penniless from working such places as The White Stallion , a speakeasy place in New York . His pay consisted of what customers put in the entertainer’s hats , they often wore big hats lol . Dylan sang because he had a dieing heartfelt need to ; and not for riches. His songwriting from day one was to write songs of images somewhat poetic  but always of substance. He has only ever had 1 false note which he changed to the snow was KEEN in his famous song of a monstrous dream of war ; as real as it could be ( my father was a WW  ll wounded verteran fr front lines ). Unfortunately I forget the title but those who follow his repertoire will know.

It is only a genius songwriter with an iconic voice and a mind of his own following that can reach the accolades , awards galore ,including the biggest honour, one can achieve “The Pulitzer Prize ” ( long over due ) for changing songwriting into a breakout form of Literature . This is what makes a man a man in music or whatever, to follow your own mind ; be nobodies puppet . This Bob more than achieved throuout four decades ! Yes he is the man but not to write that lightly for he has worked harder and longer hours than most . He has undoubtedly made sacrifices and had ghosts follow him from his past. He is only human and sometimes those crosses were heavy, I am sure ! But after all is said and done the only thing to do was crawl out of that big black hole , to steal a line from one of his songs . He is from God ‘s chosen ones ; but I know he’d reject any title . He is a very humble person who expects the same privacy most of us do . Let us all at least (Media) give him that, he has given the world his gift , at a price I am sure !!

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I can’t help myself – when I go to record stores, sooner or later I find myself in the Bob Dylan section. Seems reasonable, but I’m usually trying to spot if they have one of my least favorite albums of his: Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits. Problem is, I already own it. Three times. If they have a copy, I quickly open its dusty side pocket to see if I’m bringing another one home with me. I can’t help myself.

In 1967, when Columbia Records released the album each copy was accompanied by a beautiful poster designed by Milton Glaser. It’s rare to see one still slipped inside an old copy, but when it happens I bring it home. I really love this poster and have looked at it a lot. Two full sized copies are framed in my living room, next to each other. When people come over…

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