Times Do Change

      Merry Christ-mas

I am Canadian by birth and have celebrated Christmas Holiday as the birth of Jesus Christ with family , friends , neighbours , and church community for as long as I can remember . The majority of Canadians and Americans statistically have been Christian . Both countries accepted immigrants over the years who freely practice their own faith ,which often is something other than Christianity. The prevailing theory practised was more along the lines of a melting pot of different nationalities ; the criminal laws of the country have to be followed by all ; other than the law codes , there is freedom to practice their own faith but traditionally  the holiday of Christmas was commercially celebrated as Jesus’s birth with decorated evergreen trees , gift giving representing the gifts given to baby Jesus . Most often a Christian church service in regard to Jesus’s birth is attended by practicing Christians , even if this is only one of a few attendances by some . This has been the major occurrence every December 25th plus weeks celebrating , around that date. For the past 2015 years A.D. stands chronologically for the number of years after Jesus Christ’s death . His birth occurred on Dec. 25 th  meaning it was approx. 2000 & some years Before Christ’s arrival ; so historically dates of historical times are either known as B.C. ( before Jesus’s birth) or A.D. (after His death ) .

So the celebration of Dec. 25 th is that of the birth of our Savior Jesus . As I have indicated those who have praised Jesus historically as our Savior ,Lord , and part of the Trinity of God are called Christians , in Canada and other countries . There are different denominations of Christians , but all of them believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and His birthday on Dec. 25 . The biggest practiced religion in Ca., and U.S., is Christianity . Naturally practically every Christian celebrates the birth of Jesus on Dec.25, and have tried to give Cheers of Merry Christmas to spread joy to most everyone they meet . This has traditionally been the reason for the holiday of Dec. 25 th.

However we no longer are greeted by merchants in any store of sales or service place ; no longer do we hear Christmas in the greetings. Instead we hear Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays or Peace & Joy for the New Year. I have said back a few times ” What Holiday ” & ” Which Season ” do you mean? I always say Merry Christmas , no matter how much they frown !

We have been celebrating in the traditional way for some 150 years in CA. There has never been a word of explanation why there has been this thorough complete change in the last two years.

If you are shopping for a nativity scene or outdoor lawn angel , good luck  ; trying to find Christmas cards reflecting the birth of whom we celebrate on Dec.25th . I ponder how such a change can be so widespread , when most people talk about this around Christmas , they ponder the same. It’s but an example of how major changes occurr and yet nobody was asked or even told about why this was done so unobtrusively .We may stop and ask where are these changes going to ; to what end will we find ourselves ? To think we have lost our national long held tradition of hundreds of years may seem small to some but the fact that we can only buy Santa Claus or glittery bulbs for decorations . Public places no longer don a nativity scene of Jesus’s birth in a manjor with Mother Mary, Joseph , or the Three Wise Men with presents for baby Jesus . Big national changes happen in small steps . How long will it be before religious practises of any kind will stop or wars over nothing happen ?

Wars will be as unclear about reasons for, as it is about why Jesus’s Birthday isn’t  regularly celebrated like it was ten or so years ago. Since there seems to be an inverse relationship to number of wars with the phasing out of Christian celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth .  We had best increase our faith in God less our whole world becomes soulless !