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Gradual Changes In Society Evasive

Telecommunication progress is happening as fast as slight of hand
One instrument of change is the cell phone with all the new seemingly small changes in symbols with a newer model .Only to find out , these tiny new markings carry such capabilities that if your finger flicks it by error you may end up leaving an unusually interesting news  item feeling lost in a rating system either of the app. you find your screen on and don’t know where the heck you are.            Although many use and graduate to these many brand updates seemingly easy . I for one would have to honestly admit to studying up on topics and new features that have added new can do’s twice a year or more .However don’t admit openly to your quandaries on Twitter ,or any social media ; you may suffer worldwide witticism . Now I am not a non reader and strongly suspect most haven’t stood to be counted . 

  • One day I carried a flip phone , and some years latter, had a small computer with complexities galore in my hand. Never seen this coming to quite the magnitude it has. I guess that’s how evasively society changes , while your sleeping !